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Nov. 7th, 2010


 I don't know what's up these days with me. It just feels like i don't have a sense of directions. I think that in this life, there are no set patterns that we have to abide by. There are so many ways and paths to get things done, think that everything just eventually sorts itself out. The beauty of universe is that balances itself in an incredible way. So in a way, it actually doesn't matter what we do on this earth. We can do whatever the fuck we please. It's i our creation. It each person's individual touch that creates the world that we live in today. The creator of the universe- I have to give props to the guy. God has done a magnificent job of providing the tools and platform for such a life to exist. We are all given talents and skills that we can improve on. The world provides us with so many fun and exciting things that we can become. All we have to do is pick. It doesn't have to necessarily 100 percent have to feel right. There's so much room to explore. WE HAVE TO PICK. THAT's the thing about this life. We go in a direction and the universe will provide new perspectives and new opportunities to grow. We have billions of people that live on this Earth. Do you think that if one person dies out of 6-7 billion people that live on here will really make a difference whether the human race goes on and strives or not. Not really. However, the truth is because of the immensity of the human spirit, one person can in fact change the entire world.  

I've been stuck here, almost feels like limbo. Here I've been a great opportunity to do some great things in this world. I'm rushing, I'm doing and thinking about too many things at ones.. My life is not focused with now. I don't wanna feel like i have to do things just because i've been given a lot.. I don't wanna feel pressured Just because I've been given so much. I don't wanna feel obligation to have to return it. I do want to do good things in the world. I don't want to feel frustrated because i feel i have to. 

Jan. 6th, 2010

AWESOME sauce today.

 I am awesome because today...

I made people laugh today. 
I ate healthy foods today. 
I treated myself to a rigorous arm, shoulder, & ab workout and a relaxing sanna & spa. 
I am going to study for a couple of hours to get an A on a test tomorrow. =) 
I am going to call some more friends tonight and brighten their moods. 
Listened to some awesome music by Hall and Oates! I didn't know they played a lot of my fav songs! 

Dec. 29th, 2009


 The past couple of days have been filled with a lot of emotional ups and downs. I know that last week was probably the most amazing week of this year in terms of my social life. I got my first kiss with a wonderful redheaded woman named Aimee, under the glowing orange lights of a san mateo sunset and in the presence of a overwhelming view of the san francisco bay and san mateo bridge. Wow. That's all I can say. I had her hot for me. ;) The mood was right, we were dancing under luther vandross's "any love", and I did it =). We slow danced and  I said to her, "Have you ever had a kiss under the sunset?" She replied "No". I said, "Well let's change that." *kiss* =8 When my lips touched hers, a rush of adrenaline and estasy filled my entire body like my sexual spiritual god finally broke out of its shackles and became reborn under the sunset.  Subsequently there was a lot of back rubbing, hip holding, and 4 more similar kisses. =) This is definitely a story I will cherish for the rest of my life. =).The logistics were perfect. Who knew that she was a hardcore animal lover dogs and I just happen to find a dog park. Is this what having clairvoyance feels like? Or was it purely coincidence? I dunno. My mind and heart attracted this experience. In the end who knew that my passions for salsa, bachata, and dancing would lead me to probably the most romantic experience of my life so far? I was immersed in the moment and I felt so relieved. That monkey's finally off my back =) CRAZY!!! but AWESOME SAUCE. 

Anyways, I still have been feeling not fully satisfied. I still have issues with my habits and my mood. For some reason, my body is not agreeing with what my conscious mind wants. As a result, there is a constant conflict storm happening in my head. Maybe that should serve to motivate me to solve whatever is bothering me. I want to direct energy towards a positive life force. Anyways in order to deal with my current emotional situation, I've decided that I want to try something that Ryan has suggested to me. He suggested that I write down a couple of good things that I had done during the day. I want to keep convincing myself of my own worth and value in my life. 

I have to see myself beautiful, amazing, and the enthusiastic human being that I know I am. I have to build good habits, keep the positive attitude, and really continue affirming my own awesomeness to the world.  I know it starts small, but I have to start laying the bricks for that house to be build. Who wants to live in a house that has no walls, cool carpet, or a ceiling to keep out the rain? So, I feel like right now that I have some walls that are particially built. I want to continue the work to build my life up. People are attracted to my life because I lay down a strong foundation, and the skys are fairly clear. The sun shines through some of the clouds and people love to be around that kind of environment. It's only me who can build the house. If I want people to stay, then I have to build some guest rooms and a living room. Who knows who'll end up being with me in the master suite ;) People come visit my world every now and then to offer help and advice, but I know that it's only me who can lay the bricks down. Let's build great habits! 

So, anyways today, I want to lay some more bricks down. I want to take away the doubt and see only my awesome sauce.

I am awesome sauce because...

I called up my best friends shared come cool stories, and made them laugh.
I made a commitment to P90X Number 4.  I bought and ate healthy foods & water.
I shared some cool video game moments with my brother at night.  
Made up a pumped up music playlist for the P90X4.
Thought positive for most, if not all the day. 
Danced and sang a lot to bachata, motown, and salsa music. 

I can't wait for what life has in store for me next. Let's be the sun that shines, and the emotional rock that stays cool in spite of the storm. Let's create a world that people gravitate towards and cultivate environments that allow the beauty of life's creative energy to naturally flourish.  

Oct. 8th, 2009

(no subject)

1. Clean Up Your Life- Do what you need to do to thrive and be healthy in body and mind 
2. Keep practicing skills day to day, and refine them.... 

1. Eat right
2. Start the P90X routine.
3. Clean yourself often

1. Think of basic questions that people ask when they meet you and refine DHV stories.
2. Work on logistics... What do you want from people... make a space for it in your life. 
3. Set a plan and a mindset everytime you go out... Try out new strategies and techniques... integrate them into your personality...

1. Write a journal day to day. 
2. Start researching physical training techniques and opportunities
3. Research what you need to do next for PT... 

1.Continue practicing the right techniques for salsa... and Practice
2. Sing! 
3. Think of creative ways to enhance your life in all areas. 

1. Make a prayer when you wake up and before you go to sleep.
2. Pray the rosary once a week
3. Visual and meditate good things with, God and life. 

Sep. 12th, 2009

code for life

Know what you want, desire it with all your heart, think about it, work hard to achieve it, persevere through rough and tough times, learn as much as you can, and have faith that you have what you want. Because I'd rather live my live knowing that in every venture I undertook, I gave 110% of my effort and thought, win or lose, sucess or failure, I'm always a winner. Before I die, I want to say that I gave myself a purpose, followed my interests and passions, took advantage of every situation using the tools I've beem give in those particular moments. I want to know that I used all the power I've been given in the universe to fill my reality with what matters to me, to improve myself as a human being, and to work towards whatever I feel would make my happy. At the end of the day, all that matters is what I think, the impressions I made, and what I thought of myself and my time here on Earth. 

Sep. 6th, 2009

choose to live or die

 My existance cannot continue in this manner or i will die...Succombing to the ways of the world is not my idea of living.... its submissive and it doesn't benefit anyone... i see no way that these pleasures and indulgences will helpp me with my survival and replication...yet i still do them because they have no been replaced with habits that my mind sees as suitable replacements...this is not a living that will get me anywhere... i hate myself... and i need to focus on the love in myself and convincing myself that i have value in this world and that i have to tell everyone how great a person that i am... it starts with me and it ends with me.... I am the creator of my life.... no one else can think what i think or see what i see... i can spend my life as an observer or i can make things happen... its my choice... whether i want to be a positive influence in this world or a negative one... i can take this as a burden or a gift... good things will be in my life... but i have to get the little things right first.... my foundation and who i am on this inside and where i want to be....

Patty PUA mantra: As humans on this earth, we have the right to explore the Earth and humanity. No one or nothing has power over us unless we let them. It is our duty to build our own value in our lives, to convince ourselves of our own individual self-worth. It comes from the inside out. Ultimately, it is what we feel inside ourselves that will matter in our lives. It is up to us to build a lifestyle that will attract the people that we want in our lives. Then ,after we have build ourselves up, we must convey that life and that person to the world. We must be our own promoter and fan club. We put ourselves in the path of the people we feel deserves our attention, take advantage of every opportunity that arises to meet beautiful men and women. We do whatever it takes to be the most efficient and true human being that we can be. We bring out the best in other people, and we give value to others.

A pickup artist has the right to explore humanity and to be able to experience the full gift of life. 

A pickup artist loves himself and knows that value comes from within. He is his own promoters and biggest fan! 

A pickup artist creates cool interactions,  friendships, and relationships with others out of thin air. 

A pickup artist stays in his own world, inviting the people wants to invite, and doing what he wants to do. 

A pickup artist builds his own lifestyle that brings with it the kind of feelings that he wants. 

A pickup artist puts himself in the path of the people that he wants in his life, not putting too much emphasis on seeking validation or moping on rejection or criticism.

A pickup artist knows that it is ultimately the girl's decision whether or not they will get together. It is up to the PUA to do the best he can to approach, convey his personality, recognize social cues, escalate emotionally and physically, state intentions, and give an invitation to his life. 

A pickup artist knows that anything that happens during an interaction is NEVER a big deal. he is unaffected and unreactive when being challenged or ridiculed. When mistakes happen, he learns from them and applies them to the next time the situation arises. 

A pickup artist does not need to rely on scripted routines, but rather should rely on his personality, his social proof, his storytelling, and his experiences to captivate an audience or person. 

A pickup artist adapts to new situations and adds them to his experience. 

A pickup artist gives off a positive vibe and charisma. He is the tribal leader that makes sure everyone is safe, comfortable, and having fun. 

A pickup artist has a good sense of grooming and clothing style. 

A pickup artist always has fun and gives off a performance worthy of praise. 

A pickup artist does not allow sarging and women to take over his life, but rather focuses on his purpose and goals in life. 

A pickup artist does not take value, but gives it. He focuses on teaching and helping others and bringing out the best in other people. 

Aug. 29th, 2009

Steps to turn your life around in the right direction

 1. Get rid of bad habits that debach your value
2. Find value in yourself- love yourself, build a healthy mindset
3. Give value to others- help someone in need, complement and love. 
4. Go after what you are passionate about in life
5. Find and try interesting and new things in your life- Experience all life has to offer

For you Pat:
1. Find a way to replace your masturbation and bad eating habits 
2. Find reasons to love yourself and make yourself believe that you are this wonderful and beautiful person inside and out 
3. Start revamping and renewing your priorities in your life and what you want to do
4.Revamp your social circle and the people that you want to be surrounded by. 
5. Go after the passions and put all your energy into it. Believe that you will achieve. 

To get beautiful women hanging out in your life:
1. Build a life that women would love to hang around in. 
2. Work on conveying your personality and social proof
3. Work on conveying the lifestyle that you want them to be a part of. 

Aug. 27th, 2009

5 mantras for the next couple of months

 1. Find value in yourself... see yourself beautiful and wonderful in your eyes 
2. Give value to others instead of taking value 
3. Be a risk taker... go out and try things you've never tried....
4. Practice your skills constantly
5. Be in your own headspace and do what you want to do. 

Aug. 5th, 2009

For the rest of august and into the school year...

 I want to get some things accomplished 

For my mental health: - Find inner game techniques that work for me ... finish huna... and apply them to everyday life and stressful times

For my physical health: - Restablish my P90X routine and get started on a jump program
                                          -Change my diet to a healthy one gradually 

For school: -Figure out a schedule for the upcoming school year 
                     -Research personal training, physical therapy, and massage therapy
Money: -Start saving my money up in my savings account
             -Reeducate myself on loans
              -Research different ways to make money on the side of school and commit to some

Skills: -Start singing more and learning about music 
            -Develop a cookbook and cook better healthy food 
            -Learn how to club dance and ballroom dance (maybe even a little hiphop)
            -Learn massage and other relaxation techniques
            -Learn to be a great hang out/party host 
            -Learn how to make some simple drinks/research wines too 
            -Be a great workout trainer
            -Learn physical therapy
            -Be a great helper, volunteer at a place you think needs help, raise money for charity 

General: -Be a great listener and storyteller, and respond to others needs 

Family: - Be compassionate and loving to your family members despite their shortcomings 

Friends: -Make new friends everyday,  if you can't get a romanticrelationship, the least you can do is make a new friend that will lead you to others. 
               -Practice networking friends, hooking up people with each other
               -Call upon friends that will help you reach your life goals

Love interests: -Through time in the field, learn how to calibrate the romantic love model
                           -Set up dates in prime locations
                            -Practice more kino
                            -Anytime is a primetime to practice game 
                           -Go to more bars and clubs (at least once a week) 

Habits that I want to change:

Masturbating and porn  to only 1 to 2 times a week
Eating crap foods (only once a week)
Staying in the house: I want to go out at least 4 times a week for a couple of hours 
Being lazy: Keep busy (Always doing something to improve the quality of life)
Not being fulfilled day to day: Doing something social, spiritual, physical, work-related, creative, and relaxing once a day
I want to pray and be involved in my faith at least once a day 

Aug. 1st, 2009

At this moment...

 I'm feeling like crap... the constant masturbation... the bad eating... the lack of social events... and not taking steps to build my life... are all hurting me emotionally....  My past is haunting me... I'm taking value from other people... and I'm botching my own value through all these bad habits... I feel, if I continue this path... then it will lead ultimately to my demise and loss of total control of my life.... 

I must identify what I have going for me right now... and what I have to Accomplish... and put my energy towards that purpose right now.... 

My brother said something very interesting to me yesturday... he said that I was similar in a lot of way to my cousin Cherry... that we seem to follow a similar parth towards success... He said that I need a clear cut plan that I can follow in order to accomplsih... also that I needed some muscle in order to get there....well I need to start training that muscle and might in a plan that I thought of myself... I want to build value so that people we desire my services and I will find value to myself...

I understand that the reason I'm feeling down is because I'm being greedy and taking value from others... its time now to build up my own value... If I don't see the value in myself... how can I convince others that I am valuable? It all comes from seeing the value that you have first and then saying to yourself..."damn im one sexy beast who has value.... evveryone should know about me".... So go out and build that value, PAt

Working Out
Physical Therapy
Personal Training
Hanging out with friends
Inner Game 


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